Five Borough Farm

Five Borough Farm is a Design Trust project which offers a roadmap to farmers and gardeners, City officials, and other stakeholders to understand and weigh the benefits of urban agriculture, and makes a compelling case for increasing resources— from soil to growing space to funding—to grow urban agriculture throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

The second phase of the project, developed with a team of fellows, focused on building mechanisms to measure and communicate the various benefits that urban farms and community gardens generate, and finding synergies between these benefit and the goals and interests of various City agencies. The intent is to identify additional sources for funding or other means to support existing farms and gardens through available grants and programs.

Examples include providing Department of Environmental Protection micro-grants to gardens and farms that collect rainwater and help prevent sewer overflow; connecting gardens and farms with Department of Sanitation compost distribution; and providing guidance and training to gardeners who wish to start small food businesses at Economic Development Corporation facilities. Recommendations were developed at three scales – for farmers and gardeners, for nonprofit organizations that currently provide key support to these gardens, and for relevant City agencies.

You can find the full Five Borough Farm phase II publication here.

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